ChannelNewsAsia reports that in July alone, there were 15 such cases have been reported to the police. In a particular case, a victim was cheated $3000.

A handful of users of an online mobile messaging application LINE have filed police reports of a scam. Their accounts seemed to be hacked into and their contacts were tricked into buying iTune gift cards after receiving messages purportedly sent by the users.


One victim of the scam told Channel NewsAsia: “I went into my Line account and tried to change my password and email address, but I couldn’t do it as the hacker had actually embedded his email address in it. So I decided to send messages one by one to all my friends to warn them to block my nick from their Line account. And they replied saying that they have received such a message from me.”

Do be on the alert when friends asking you to buy gift cards.



本地再出现高科技新骗党,利用智能手机的通讯软件LINE来当工具,先入侵智能手机的通讯软件LINE,冒名向用户的朋友要求送他iTunes Gift Card,有人被骗2250元。


其中,被骗走高达2250元的许先生(57岁,司机)告诉《新明日报》记者,一名认识三四十年的朋友上周六(26日)传讯息要他帮忙买3张iTunes Gift Card,每张150元。



By Harry