World’s first USB3.0 HTPC system ,delivers data transfer rate up to 5Gb/s and 10X faster than USB2.0 with optimized power efficiency. USB3.0 promises a major leap forward transfer speeds and capacity.

Support HDMI Audio Pass Through

ASRock Core 100 HTPC series conducted with Intel® HM55 Express chipset supporting HDMI Audio Pass Through (Bitstream) and Native Dolby TrueHD & DTS-HD Master Audio. ASRock Core 100 series HTPC ensure to provide the compressed audio data to amplifier, and you can get the terrific sound experience.

THX TruStudio PRO™

THX TruStudio PRO solution ensures you the premium audio quality, effects and features for PC systems equipped with onboard audio. For instance, the TruStudio Surround technology expands your stereo content into surround sound; the TruStudio Crystalizer technology restores the compressed sound source and can let you hear every detail in riveting surround sound. Combined with the THX TruStudio PRO and the ASRock high performance HTPC system, you will be assured to enjoy a rich variety of PRO gramming and be entertained by a better way!

ASRock AIWI Rock Your Everywhere

Keep Moving Playing Games By Holding Your iPhone

Wanna play PC games like Wii? ASRock AIWI software makes your dreams come true! Using ASRock AIWI to connect your apple devices to the ASRock HTPC via WLAN, then you can interact with the PC games with delicate touches and body motion while getting responsive shakes and vibrations that correspond from the game stores.

ASRock App Charger

Fast Charge & Charge Anytime

Simply installing the App Charger driver, it makes your iPhone charge up to 40% faster than before. ASRock App Charger supports continuous charging when your PC enters into Standby mode (S1), Suspend to RAM (S3), hibernation mode (S4) or power off (S5). The App Charger technology has been fully applied on ASRock Full series motherboards.

High speed WiFi 802.11n (300Mbps)

ASRock Core 100 series mini HTPC, has two invisible antennas (placed in a vertical/horizontal position) hidden inside the front panel, which provide larger signal coverage and faster connection speed. With the unrestricted-direction antennas design, the HTPC can be used as the wireless network receiver, as well as the network bandwidth sharing device.
Supports 802.11n wireless network standard which provide better signal coverage and faster speed than ordinary network sharing devices.

Mini Size and Silent Operation

With stylish and compact design, ASRock Core 100 HTPC series has a volume of 2.5 liters only, which enables you to put inside the TV cabinet and connect it with LCD TV. Running a silent operation which is merely 25dB, Core 100 HTPC series ensures you a quiet computing environment as well.

Low Power Consumption

Our Core 100-BD system is very environmental-friendly. Our idle mode is running with only 20.1W which is different from other desktop computers which usually need 50W-80W. ASRock Core 100 HTPC series can save a lot of electricity and money each year.

Ultra Durable

By adopting 100% Japan-made high-quality conductive polymer capacitors which can extend the system life to at least 2.5 longer, ASRock Core 100 HTPC series provides the stability, reliability and longevity essential to meet the power, processor, and other components needs for running today’s most demanding applications and games.