Acer has unveiled its latest offering, the Acer Swift X lineup, now available in Singapore. Designed for the needs of creators and gamers who are constantly on the move, these sleek and lightweight machines deliver the desired power.

The Swift X lineup is equipped with the latest Intel® 13th Gen H-processors and RyzenTM 9 H-Series Processors, along with NVIDIA® RTX 40-series graphics and stunning OLED displays. The H-series processors provide exceptional CPU performance, catering to even the most demanding tasks.

With Acer Swift’s OLED displays, colors come to life in an impressive and vibrant manner, ensuring that text remains sharp and clear throughout your viewing experience. The ultra-fast response times and 120Hz refresh rates contribute to seamless visuals without any blurring.

This new lineup introduces two models: the Swift X 16 and Swift X 14, both meticulously designed to meet the requirements of today’s demanding users. The Swift X 16, featuring a 16-inch display, is set to arrive in Singapore in July, while the Swift X 14, boasting a 14-inch display, is already available for purchase.


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By Harry