Amazon just launched the Amazon Fire TV Stick, a streaming device to rival Google’s Chromecast. At $19 for first 2 days normal price of $39, it’s a big price drop from Amazon’s $99 Fire set top box unveiled earlier this year. The price is slightly more expensive than Chromecast but cheaper than Roku $59 price tag.

For the price, subscribers will be able to stream everything from Netflix, WatchESPN to Hulu Plus, and of course Amazon Instant Video. Unlike Chromecast, it includes a remote control, though there’s also a mobile app for controlling it. There’s the ability to use voice search and Whispersync. It also supports gaming.

If you buy a Fire Stick you get a free month of the service. And the company wants Amazon Prime subscribers because once they’ve committed the $99 a year to get unlimited free shipping, they’re more likely to buy more stuff via the retailer.

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By Harry