AMD launches AMD B450 chipset
OCWorkbench 31/7/2018

AMD today announce the availability of a new chipset, the B450. The B450, as you have already guessed is the 400 series that replaces the B350 chipset.

The B450 chipset supports 24 PCIe Gen 3 lanes, unlocked CPU OC, DRAM OC, Any Socket AM4 CPUs. It also added AMD StoreMI Technology which was only available on the X470 to the entry and mainstream level. More details below.

AMD promised Socket Stability which allows you to swap in higher speed processor without changing the motherboard. This is definitely better than having to upgrade the motherboard whenever you change the processor on the Intel platform. For the budget DIY user, he can purchase the B450 board with a Ryzen 5 2400G that comes with integrated graphics and upgrade to a full fledge AMD graphics card or purchase a Ryzen 7 2700 in future without changing the motherboard.

With B450, users can now  have access to an AMD system and yet be able to tap on features like StoreMI. StoreMI is a software solution that enables you to integrate SSD, RAM, HDD to speed up the commonly used software or to extend SSD speeds to your HDD storage. This comes free with AMD 400 series motherboards as compared to Intel’s expensive solution of using Optane Memory Cache solution and other limitations. You can read our review of StoreMI here.

In terms of pricing, the Enthusiast class AMD B450 solution of Ryzen 5 2400G + AMD B450 board costs USD 224.98 which is cheaper than Intel’s Core i5 8600K + Intel Z370 at USD 351.20. A total savings of USD 126 for the board and cpu.

It would only cost USD 259.98 for a Ryzen 5 2600 + B450 board while the Intel Core i5 8600K and Intel 370 would cost USD 351.20. The difference is USD 91.

The savings also allow you to purchase a higher capacity SSD or a better power supply. Upgrade the processor as and when you are ready as it will remain compatible with Socket AM4 motherboards. AMD is the most scalable and open platform for the PC enthusiast.

Here are a list of B450 motherboards listed on Amazon.

By Harry