It looks like desktop chipset makers are now prying for a new market with 5G radio in laptops.

Intel has moved to equip its laptop with 5G and devices like the Surface X already support the feature, but whether it’ll go mainstream is anyone’s guess. This may be a preventative move to prevent ARM-based laptops from claiming 5G support as a major marketing point over x86 if and when such systems begin competing with AMD and Intel more directly in-market.

Neither AMD nor MediaTek were willing to comment on this rumor, but if AMD wanted to build a 5G-capable system, MediaTek would be the logical company to turn to. Qualcomm could do the job (and does), obviously, but Qualcomm also has its own plans for high-performance ARM CPUs and 5G modems. MediaTek doesn’t seem to be angling to enter the x86 laptop space in quite the same way.

Source Extremetech