AMD Link and Relive

Mobile control of your game is now possible with AMD Link, an app for the iOS or Android mobile phones. You can now pair up the PC with a QR code and even upgrade the radeon software through your mobile.


With this app, you can even use Voice to command your GPU to take a screen shot, show GPU utilisation, increase volume etc, start end recording, GPU clock, memory speed can be controlled too.

Now with the Radeon Relive feature exapanded to mobile, you can now view screen shots, play back video, crop , save video to mobile while streaming to Youtube, Twitch or Facebook.

Wih Radeon Relive, you can capture, stream online your game play. You can do a In Game Replay with adjustable 5-30 second replay, configurable hot key, playback size and position. You can also use the Scene editor to do transition between screens with hotkeys.

With the new Radeon, you can now do Game Streaming. You can now bring Radeon Gaming quality to mobile device. Up to 4K 60 fps low latency PC gaming with hardware acceleration can be played wirelessly on your mobile. Yes play PC games on mobile device.

Radeon ReLive for VR now brings Radeon Gaming to standalone VR headsets. ReLive for VR supporst million mobile headsets and VR games. e.g. HTC Vive Focus, Google Daydream. Streaming is enabled through Steam Stream VR ecosystem. It can support up to 1440x1440p per eye. It is also up to 44% faster in responsiveness as compared to competitors.

The Radeon Adrenalin 2019 Edition is really a welcome upgrade. It not only improve game performance but turn your PC into a gaming centre with mobile streaming. For gamers who loves to share their video streams, the controls are all in the driver.  The new driver also make VR gaming more accessible to the masses as it supports more devices. Download it at

The subsequent pages are AMD video demos of the various features of the AMD Radeon Adrenalin 2019.