What is StoreMI ?

19 Apr 2018

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StoreMI is a software utility AMD packaged with the new X470 series of motherboards. This software is formerly a third party solution which will also work with the X370 motherboards.

AMD StoreMI storage acceleration technology to combine the speed of an SSD with the capacity of a hard drive into a single, fast, easy-to-manage drive. It will automatically move the actively used application to SSD while retaining the bulk in the slower media. e.g. HDD.

In our simple test, we could like to extend our storage space beyond the 128 GB of SSD.

Purchasing 1 or multiple 1TB of higher capacity SSD is one solution. What if I can get SSD like performance by just integrating or fusing my SSD with my existing 500  GB HDD.

With this utility, you can easily do that.

Below is a screen shot of the speed of my WD 512GB HDD. It is very slow running at 122 MB/s for READ/WRITE on the average.

As we are extending a boot drive, we create a bootable StoreMI volume.

So we picked the WD 500GB HDD (shown as 465GB in the shot below) and transform it into a tiered drive device. It takes a while and after transforming it, I get a single volume of 572 GB (111+465).

If we do a CrystalDiskMark test on the combined volume, the speed will be 4X more than what a conventional HDD score.


By Harry