– Walton Chaintech Corporation, manufacturer of memory modules and computer components and accessories, announces its brand-new APOGEE AP102 & AP201 mobile phones specially designed for the senior users. The simple and caring features incorporated in the additional product line under the APOGEE name have well demonstrated Walton Chaintech’s capabilities in offering a variety of technologies and marketing strengths to its customers.

Differently from the fancy, trendy and hi-tech features available in market, the APOG?? mobile phone series took out all the complicated applications usually not used by and confused to the elders. Instead, the APOG?? AP102 & AP201 focus on simplicity and caring functions so that elders can use and understand easily, and the families are ensured to have maximum security for their loved ones.

The APOG?? AP102 & AP201 feature a 38.5×14.4mm big screen to fit up to 12 numbers in one line; large keypads 3 times bigger than what’s currently seen in market; and loud ring-tones ensuring no important missed calls. Some basic functions also include the LED lighting background and LED flashlight for users to see with no hard efforts. Users can simply press the keypads and the numbers read out loud to ensure dialing accuracy.

It is worth to mention that the AP102 & AP201 are designed with a dedicated emergency button. Once the button is pressed, the phone makes very loud noise to create attention; then it automatically sends SOS messages to four preset emergency contacts; finally, it automatically dials out to the four preset emergency contacts.

Very thoughtfully the APOG?? mobile phone series for the seniors have incorporated the FM radio function. With one easy, sliding button on the side, elders can effortlessly turn the radio on and off during their morning exercise, hiking or other favorite activities.The radio is automatically off when there are incoming calls, and switched back on when the calls are ended.

Walton Chaintech is also in process of developing mobile phones suitable for children and other market segments. It is no doubt that the APOG?? name has officially marched into mobile phone industry.