Do you like Windows Phone 8 flat interface METRO ? It seems ilke Apple might change it’s icon based interface to tiles , similarly to what you see on Windows Phone 8.

According to Softpedia report, source tells 9to5mac that the new iOS 7, set to be unveiled at WWDC in June, is “very, very flat.” Another person familiar with the matter said, “the interface loses all signs of gloss, shine, and skeuomorphism seen across current and past versions of iOS.”

Yet another person described iOS 7 as having “a level of ‘flatness’ approaching recent releases of Microsoft’s Windows Phone ‘Metro’ UI.”

Some changes will will be apparent on iOS 7 and that includes new tool bars and tab bars. The new iOS devices prepared by Apple will have “polarizing filters to decrease viewing angles of on-lookers,” according to the report. Apple refers to iOS 7 as “Innsbruck” internally.

iOS 7 is scheduled to debut at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10. It is unclear whether the company will actually ship the software then, or whether it will just offer us a demo.

We should be able to see the new iOS in June.



By Harry