Apple iPad 3 scheduled for March 2012 release ?

Apple fans have been waiting impatiently for the iPad 3. The latest rumour is that the iPad 3 release is schedule to coincide with the March lanuch of iOS 5.1

DIgitimes has been leaking some infomation in the past weeks claiming that the new model production levels to 9.8 million in Q2 2012. Foxconn on the other hand also told Bloomberg that they are beginning production in Jan 2012 reaching full volumes in Feb.
So what is new about the iPad 3 ? Basically rumours again, it will have a Quad core ARM processor, in competition from Tegra 3 (nVidia) and Snapdragon S3 (Qualcomm). The processor is said to be A6 and is still manufactured by Samsung.

The iPad 3 might have a retina screen that has a resolution of 2048 x 1536 9.7 inch. The screen could be by made by Sharp as Apple is investing in infrastructure of Sharp’s LCD plant.

The iPad 3 will have a bigger battery to counter the better graphics engine. It might have a larger storage 128GB? It might also be thicker than the iPad 2 due to the higher resolution screen.

Rumours just continue to flow on the net. Some expecting Thunderbolt, SD card slot. NFC, LTE and multi versions of the iPad. SIRI voice engine might also be part of the new iPad.

Some what do you expect from the new iPad 3 ? Discuss in the comments below.