ChannelnewsAsia reports a first case of iPhone emitting sparks in Singapore. Mr Ong Z.M. was resting at home with his family on Tuesday night when the power supply tripped, putting out all his electrical appliances and plunging his house in darkness.

This happened after his 60-year-old father’s iPhone 4 emitted sparks, smoke and a loud explosive sound while it was being charged.

“I was so freaked out … There was a very loud ‘boom’ and the phone just blacked out. (The phone) was also very hot,” said Mr Ong, 35, who called the MediaCorp Hotline.

According to checks with SingTel, M1 and StarHub, Mr Ong’s experience is believed to be the first such reported case involving an iPhone here. Such cases have been reported overseas recently, with at least one incident linked to phone modification or the use of counterfeit batteries.

In November last year, a Brazilian’s iPhone 4, which was plugged in for an overnight charge, suddenly began sparking and emitting smoke.

Mr Ong, who works in sales, told TODAY that his father is a light user of the one-year-old phone and did not modify it in any way.

According to Mr Ong, SingTel replaced his father’s iPhone 4 for free.

Responding to TODAY’s queries, a SingTel spokesperson said customers could get their faulty iPhones replaced if it is a defect covered under the warranty or if the warranty is still valid. However, the spokesperson declined to comment whether it follows up with Apple on iPhone defects.

When contacted, Apple declined to comment on the possible causes of iPhones emitting sparks, smoke and a loud explosive sound while being charged.