Yesterday, we reported about the new utility from ASRock APP charger. Although ASRock only show a low list of boards, some older models were not listed. We checked with ASRock and was happy to know that the App supports all series of ASRock boards. In fact, I just install the application and it is now fast charging my iphone on the old ASRock Conroe1333-dvi board that i use to type this.

We also ask what is the difference in implementation of ASRock vs Gigabyte. ASRock replied that  Gigabyte only supports on some high-end boards while ASRock supports its full range of boards.
Another question is the wattage supplied as compared to coventional USB ports. ASRock answers that after APP Charger is installed, it can provide 1450mA current for iPad charge.

Here is a breakdown of the power rating before and after the driver is installed. Download here

                    Normal Charge      Fast Charge
iPad         0.76A                             1.45A
iPhone    0.7A                                   0.8A