ASUS Z87 series feature new technologies such as 802.11ac technologies

Intel will be launching a new chipset next month. In conjunction with the upcoming launch, ASUS held an event in Singapore late last month to introduce their line up of boards at CHIJMES, Singapore.

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The ASUS Z87 Series now comes in a Golden colour scheme that makes it stands out from the rest. The Z87 boards comes in different feature set. The Z87 Deluxe / Dual being the top of the range comes with DIP4 with 4 way optimization, WiFI 802.11ac 5Ghz. The Z87-Pro,Plus,-A and -C are lower range models of the series.   As it is a new chipset, the socket type is changed to LGA1150 which is incompatible with existing socketed processors. The new chipset supports native PCIe 3.0×16, 6 USB 3.0 and 6 SATA 6Gbps. It can also support up  to 3 indepdendent displays from DP/HDMI/DVi/VGA. Displayrtport 1.2 monitor can daisy chain up to 3 displays. ASUS new Z87 board features 4 Way Optimization and they are Digi+Power, TPU, fan Xpert2 and EPU. It can all be done in real time or by a single click. TPU:Overlclocking CPU, EPU:CPU voltage, Digi+:Power, Fan:Speed and noise.

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ASUS also is the first to incorporate 802.11ac which delivers higher data throughput of up to 867Mbps compared to 802.11n’s 300Mbps. Lastly, the Z87 series has a revamped UEFI BIOS to make tuning much simpler than before.

z87-deluxe z87i-deluxe z87-plus z87-pro z87-a

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By Harry