TorrentFreak reveals that copy of Avengers: End Game has been recorded from a cinema in China and initially appeared on China torrent exclusively appeared on Chinese torrent sites.

This is inevitable as someone was able to record the movie in the cinema and upload it online. According to the analysis from TorrentFreak, their system notified about the appearance of a 1.2 GB cammed version of Avengers: End Game between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm China local time, that’s merely a few hours after the movie was released in China.

As soon as the movie was released online, dozens of users located in China started sharing it on torrent sites. Then came the 2 GB version of the movie and new copies are also emerging at regular intervals. The initial versions were basically different variants of the first torrent shared on Thunder torrent site; it became evident because all the new variants had the same client code starting from 7.10.35.XXX.

We discourage piracy and do support the movie by watching it at the cinema.

By Harry