BIOSTAR Hi-Fi Z87X 3D motherboard Review


SiSoft Sandra benchmark

We first test the SiSoft Sandra benchmark for both standard and overclocked configurations. The system runs at default clock and overclock state at 46×100.

As the memory benchmark is largely dependent on the memory module and clock speed which runs at 100MHz, there isn’t much of a difference in the results. Compared to a Core i7-4770 processor, the memory benchmarks is higher at 27.57MB/s versus 24.73MB/s on the ASUS Z87-A.


In terms of Arithmetic performance, the Core i7-4770K gives a score of 109 and 134.3 respectively. The overclocked processor boosted the performance by 23%.



As for multimedia processing, it scores 400Mpixel/s while at overclocked speed it scored 417.45, giving it a 4.3% boost.



As for media transcode, it runs at 5.08 vs 5.16 in overclocked state.


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