SiSoft Sandra benchmark

We first test the SiSoft Sandra benchmark for both standard and overclocked configurations. The system runs at default clock and overclock state at 46×100.

As the memory benchmark is largely dependent on the memory module and clock speed which runs at 100MHz, there isn’t much of a difference in the results. Compared to a Core i7-4770 processor, the memory benchmarks is higher at 27.57MB/s versus 24.73MB/s on the ASUS Z87-A.


In terms of Arithmetic performance, the Core i7-4770K gives a score of 109 and 134.3 respectively. The overclocked processor boosted the performance by 23%.



As for multimedia processing, it scores 400Mpixel/s while at overclocked speed it scored 417.45, giving it a 4.3% boost.



As for media transcode, it runs at 5.08 vs 5.16 in overclocked state.


By Harry

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  1. Biostar is I guess the most underrated motherboard vendors out there. Could have all the features a famous board has but at a very affordable price.

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