has introduced a borderless plan that enables seamless roaming in 15 popular countries across the Asia Pacific region. The covered countries include Singapore, Australia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, USA, and Vietnam.

The Circles.Life borderless plan is priced at S$35.17 per month and reverts to $40.17 after 6 months. This offer is valid for number port-ins. However, if a new number is subscribed, the price will be $35.17 plus an additional $10.09.

To ensure a positive experience for all users on their roaming networks, the plan incorporates a Fair Usage Policy (FUP). This policy aims to limit the usage of the top 5% of extremely heavy data users by potentially throttling their speeds.

For countries that are not covered under the plan, customers have the option to purchase add-ons from the roaming page to obtain a short-term boost or use Pay-As-You-Go services.

This plan stands out by offering a substantial data allowance of 100 GB per month for shared usage between Singapore and the other covered countries. It currently holds the distinction of being the only plan providing such a generous amount of data for international usage.

SIMBA, offers a plan called SUPER ROAM MAX that allows 10 GB of data roaming in 57 countries within their ZONE A, priced at S$25 per month. SIMBA Super Roam Max provides free voice roaming calls from and to Singapore. It also provides 300 IDD minutes for international calls.

SIMBA Super Roam MaxCircles.Life Plan
Covered Countries57 countries in ZONE A15 popular Asia Pacific countries
Data Roaming Allowance10 GB100 GB shared per month
PriceS$25/monthS$35.17/month (reverts to $40.17 after 6 months)
Number Port-in OfferNot specifiedValid for port-in
New Number SubscriptionNot specified$35.17/month + $10.09 for new number
Fair Usage Policy (FUP)Not specifiedImplemented to ensure a positive experience
Additional CountriesTop up wallet for Zone B, C and D countriesAdd-ons available for non-covered countries
Pay-As-You-GoTop up wallet for additional data usageAvailable for non-covered countries
Voice Roaming CallsFree voice roaming calls to/from SingaporeNot specified
IDD Minutes for International Calls300 minutesNot specified

By Harry