Albatron Touch Education System ~ Making better education by intuition

Albatron, Taipei 2010/05/07 – Albatron Technology will show the latest education system during Computex 2010. Albatron Touch Education (Touch Edu) is fully compatible with Windows Touch structure; teachers can enjoy managing lessons efficiently and have better interaction with students. On the other hand, students can access all necessary materials from server, or submit homework online anywhere and anytime.  

In recent years, more and more education institutes adopts e-education system; however, users have to take more time to understand the system. With Albatron optical touch monitor and “Touch Edu”, both teachers and students can experience better education quality by intuition. Albatron Touch Education System brings 5 major features: 

Fully compatible with Windows touch

Touch Edu supports Windows 8 standard touch gestures; furthermore, teachers can draw anything they want on the screen, just like they draw on whiteboard. 


To compare with projecting content via projector, “broadcast” all content to each computer is a better solution indeed. When using projector, user has to worry about the distance between projector and screen; with Touch Edu, internet access is the only thing you need to care about. 


Teachers have authority to control internet & applications access during whole lecture, students cannot do anything on computer that not related with the lecture. When teacher pass the authority to student, student can operate teacher’s computer to show what he has learned.  


Besides control, teachers monitor student’s computer or lock it when needed. 


The whole lecture could be recorded, students can access it easily when they want to rehearsal.