SiSoft Sandra 2011b benchmarks

In Sisoft sandra 2011b benchmarks, we test the 4 different aspects of the system comparing it with the ASUS Rampage III Gene running the same CPU, graphics card and memory modules.

The processor we used is the Core i7 – 965 Socket 1366 processor. We took noticed of the CPU CLK, it runs at 133.2 MHz. The multiplier is 24x.

We first take a look at the memory bandwidth with 6GB DDR3-1866 C7-8-7-1T (XMP Profile#1).  The Gigabyte G1 Sniper sored 30.86 GB/s slightly lower than the ASUS Rampage III Gene. This could be due to the CPU CLK which runs higher on the ASUS board at 133.9MHz.

Next we take a look at both Arithmetic and Multimedia test results. Both boards give very close results within the margin of error. When it comes to media transcoding, both get a score of 853 KB/s.