SiSoft Sandra 2011 benchmarks

As usual, we check out the CPU CLK that is running on the this board. A check using CPU-ID shows that it is running at 100.3MHz. The ASRock P67 Extreme, Biostar Th67XE and ASRock P67 Professional Fatal1TY all  runs at 100.2MHz while the ASUS P8P67Pro is at 100MHz on the dot. We included the benchmarks of ASRock P55 Deluxe running a Core i5 661 (3.33GHz) as a comparison of performance against the new 32nm processor Core i5 2500K running at 3.3GHz. one thing to note is that while we set the RAM to run at XMP profile #1, the CMD rate is set to 2T. We manually adjust the ram timings to C7-8-7-20-1T DDR3-1866 using the F4 BIOS.

In Memory Benchmark, the Gigabyte p67A-UD3R-B3 scored 25GB/s. This result is quite in line with the other P67 boards we have tested so far.

In Multimedia test, the Gigabyte P67A-UD3R-B3 scored 95.33 MPixel/s. The difference between the boards aren’t that far apart from one another.

Likewise, in Processor Arithmetic, the Gigabyte gets 59.44 in this test, slightly higher than the rest of the boards.

In transcoding test, it gets 790KB/s falling short of a few KB/s.