GIGABYTE, the world’s leading computer brand, is set to unveil its latest consumer products and innovations from its AORUS gaming family and creator-focused AERO lineup at COMPUTEX. This highly anticipated global technology event will be held in Taipei from May 30 to June 2, 2023. GIGABYTE aims to showcase cutting-edge tech innovations, user-friendly designs, and its newest product offerings, including an exceptional 4K gaming area in AORUSVERSE for an unparalleled gaming experience.

One of the main attractions will be the revolutionary Bionic cooling design integrated into the Shark Fans found on the highly acclaimed AORUS GeForce RTX™ 40 series graphics cards. This design is engineered to significantly reduce fan noise while increasing air pressure. Additionally, the AORUS 17X laptop features the next-gen WINDFORCE Infinity technology, which ensures low temperatures in the WASD area and touchpad, optimizing ergonomics. On the other hand, the precision-crafted AERO 16 OLED utilizes top-tier CNC milling technology to deliver exceptional performance. Lastly, the brand-new AORUS 16, a 16:10 gaming laptop, stands out as one of the first in the gaming market to pair with a gallium nitride power adapter, showcasing GIGABYTE’s commitment to power efficiency and innovation.

AORUS’s user-friendly design philosophy extends across its diverse product lines, catering to the needs of gamers. With advanced power and thermal management, AORUS motherboards feature EZ-Latch designs that simplify the PC building process, enabling quick and hassle-free installations. Integrated LCD screens on AORUS graphics cards, PSUs, and CPU coolers provide users with a convenient way to customize builds and monitor performance in real time. Visitors to the event will be captivated by the groundbreaking Cable Stealth design on the Stealth 500 DIY Kit, which sets new standards in cable management. Moreover, the highly-adaptive Arm Edition gaming monitors are designed to enhance ergonomics and overall user experience. To offer the ultimate level of immersion, GIGABYTE combines PC modding with a triple M32UC gaming monitor configuration, providing an awe-inspiring 4K gaming experience. Additionally, the 48-inch FO48U 4K gaming monitor aims to elevate home console gaming to new heights.