Starting today, Pixel 4 users will get to enjoy the new Google Assistant, with helpful new features rolling across all Pixel phones.

What’s new with the Next Generation Assistant?

Singaporeans who own a Pixel 4 will begin to receive the all new Google Assistant in English. So, what’s new?

Get help faster: Thanks to a deeper integration into Pixel 4, the Google Assistant is now a faster way to get more things done. Breakthroughs in speech processing mean that more requests can happen right on your phone, without always sending your request to the cloud.

Multitask seamlessly We redesigned the Assistant so it doesn’t take up too much room on your screen, letting you better multitask across other apps. It can quickly open apps, search your phone, share what’s on your screen, and more.

Enjoy smarter answers and actions: The new Google Assistant considers the context of your query to give you more helpful answers. For example, you can ask the Assistant to “show my photos from Bali” and then say “the ones at the beach.” Then, you can share a picture by saying “send it to Mum.”

More features coming to your Pixel phones

Besides the Next Generation Assistant, Pixel owners will get even more helpful features in our first Pixel feature drop, where devices will get software updates that unlock new features and apps making your Pixel phone smarter over time!

Turn a photo into a portrait on Pixel by blurring the background post-snap
An upgrade in video calling experience on Duo with:
Even better audio consistency
A less choppy video display with Pixel’s Smooth Display, which refreshes up to 90 times a second
A better looking video call with a camera that automatically adjusts to keep you and your loved ones in the frame
Fun playful moments with the Portrait effect
The Recorder function, already previewed on the Pixel 4, now comes to all Pixel phones.

These features are already rolling out and will hit all Pixel phones* in the coming weeks. To get them, you have to update to the latest version of Android and go to the PlayStore to start your download.

By Harry