Google Pixel 7 is blocking 5G access in unlisted countries. This is a software restriction that can be bypassed by rooting your phone and changing the carrier configuration files but we do not suggest doing this as it will disable certain features of the smartphone.

Google has not officially stated why it is blocking 5G access in unlisted countries, but there are a few possible reasons:

  • To ensure that Pixel phones are compatible with 5G networks in all countries. Google may be working with carriers in unlisted countries to test 5G compatibility before enabling it for Pixel phones.
  • To prevent Pixel phones from being used on networks that do not meet Google’s quality standards. Google may be concerned about the performance and reliability of 5G networks in unlisted countries.
  • To comply with government regulations. Some countries may have regulations that restrict the use of 5G networks by certain devices.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that Google is preventing Pixel phones from connecting to 5G networks in unlisted countries. This is a frustrating restriction for users who travel or live in countries where Pixel phones are not officially sold.

Google has the history of enabling basic features of the phones e.g. VoLTE on Pixel 3 to certain carriers where the phone is sold. In 2023, we see more complains about 5G access is being restricted when used with a carrier which is not white listed.

So, do you own a Pixel 7 and you are having 5G SA or 5G NSA access issues with the local carrier which is unsupported. Post your comments below.

By Harry