The first Video Boost Night Sight test has surfaced on youtube.

Video Boost (Night Sight) was part of the December Pixel Feature drop. Although many has received the December update, the video boost feature is still not available for most.

In fact, the feature seems to require an update of the Google photo app to version 9.2 and it looks like Google at the other end has to enable this feature.

In this video the youtuber Mr. Tim Brown shot an unplanned comparison of the Pixel 8 Pro with and without video boost to show the difference it makes as well as to bring in a lowlight heavyweight, the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 to add an additional comparison with its own “Low-Light Mode”.

The 4K/30 fps video boosted video is much brighter then the unprocessed video. While the video was shot with minimum movement, we can see the distant lights are flickering.

The Pixel 8 Pro was tested against the DJI Pocket 3. The video is much smoother (assuming it is shot in 4K/30 fps with D-LogM)

By Harry