Other than the savings rate of 2.38% on your main account, you can now earn cash rewards by charging your purchases to the GXS card or make online purhases with it.

To participate, just spend at least S$10 per transaction by charging to the debit card at point of sales. Do notice the usual top up, buying of cryptos do not qualify for the cash reward.

We have transacted a few $10 transaction and we get our cash reward within seconds. The highest was 24 cents and the lowest was 7 cents.

Cash Reward
means a cash credit in Singapore dollars, of such value as shall be determined by us

Draw” means each draw, conducted instantly and automatically upon and pursuant to an Eligible Transaction, for a Reward which will be determined electronically using the Bank’s methodology.

Eligible Transaction” means a retail transaction of equal to or more than S$10.00 (or foreign currency equivalent) successfully charged to your debit card, but shall exclude the following transactions to or for:

1. any transaction classified under any of the following Merchant Category Codes (“MCC”):

2. bank, third-party mobile or payment wallets (including wallet top-ups);

3. securities, investment or brokerage platforms;

4. cryptocurrency platforms;

5. remittance services and/or platforms;

6. stored-value card top-ups;

7. gambling and betting service providers;

8. quasi-cash transactions and ATM withdrawals;

9. religious, political, charitable and social service organisations;

10. transactions on the Grab mobile application in Singapore;

11. cancelled, voided, disputed, reversed transactions;

12. any fees and charges imposed by the Bank or card association; and

13. any other categories or transactions which the Bank may exclude from time to time without prior notice or liability to any person.

Please note that the above is not an exhaustive list and is subject to changes from time to time.

A retail transaction charged to your debit card but which has yet to be posted to your debit card account shall not be considered as an Eligible Transaction.

Amounts charged in multiple transactions cannot and will not be combined to make up an Eligible Transaction.

By Harry