I was at an event lately and tried out the Apple iPad. Somewhat a a big version of the iPhone 3GS, it seems to be the in thing as I see many journalists from overseas carrying it and typing away “LIVE” when the press conference was going on.

My first experience with the iPad, a parallel import from USA (which is not on sale here yet) was a good one to begin with. Cut away the multi-zoom, ebooks and games, this device seems to be the ideal news reporting tool during offsite.

I did a test with it, typing on the virtual keyboard on the device. The error correction is pretty marvellous and it almost got the full sentence correct without the need of a real keyboard.

The iPad I tested on has 3G/WiFi. Unfortunately 3G was non existant as the owner hasn’t got the microSIM card readly. WiFi was also all locked up in the hotel. Unless i have the WPA, i won’t be able to do any transmission through e-mails etc.

The next thing i would think of is tethering as I have my iPhone 3GS phone with 12GB of data. We tried to pari up the device using bluetooth. I am not sure why but it seems that it can’t pair up and tethering just wouldn’t work.

The only choice, retype everything on iPhone and update it via gmail. Looks like we ought to get the 3G microSIM card ready in future to get real time updates posted in time.