IMDA has sent out email to affected customers of Zero Mobile today. In the email, it is mentioned that a number of ex-customers haven’t been refunded.

IMDA has suspended Zero Mobile’s license and blacklisted the company and its Directors today (12/3/2020). It is also mentioned that IMDA will cancel it’s MVNO license on 18 March 2020 if it is unable to resolve the issues.

IMDA has also initiated investigation for contravening of consumer protection requirements under the Telecom Competition Code. Enforcement actions will be taken if there are any such breaches of the act.

Zero Mobile started out as a MVNO under Singtel which offers unlimited data. Ex-customers began complaining on online forums about it’s billing issue last year. In fact, their Facebook page last post was dated 21 May 2019.

If Zero Mobile’s license is revoked, we will be left with 9 MVNOs, 4 MNO, 2 Sub brands. oya was once a M1 MVNO has stopped operations earlier this year.

Singtel’s MVNO : Zero1, Gridmobile, Vivifi, CM, Zeromobile *
M1’s MVNO : Circles.Life, Geenet, Oya *
Starhub’s MVNO : MyRepublic, VivoBee, RedONE

Telcos : Singtel, Starhub, M1, TPG
Sub-brands : Giga (Starhub), Gomo (Singtel)

* oya stopped operations earlier 2020.