In Jan 2010, Intel will officially announce the new Clarkdale series of processors. In some reports found online, it seems that the new 32nm Clarkdale with integrated graphics core overclocks pretty well. In fact, it overclocks as good as it’s Lynnfield counterparts.

Today with the new processor, Intel will also have a new chipset Intel H55. Intel H55 chipset includes FDI; display core is known as GMA HD. In order to take advantage of the graphics core in the Clarkdale processor, the CPU must be paired up with H55 chipset. Basically H55 is similar to P55, bridging the interconnecting devices using 2Gb/s DMI connect.

H55 includes FDI (Flexible Display Interface), allowing direct connection between the CPU and the Graphics core. This allows the display information to be sent back to the H55 chipset for output.

In fact, the graphics core inside the Clarkdale processor is known as GMA HD. In comparison with G45 GMA X4500HD, the difference is the number of Unified shaders. It is increased from 10 to 12. It only supports DX10 (not DX10.1,DX11) and SM 4.0.

A mid range 3.3GHz Clarkdale can easily be overclocked to 4.4GHz on AIR without much voltage bump. That is quite a good start for this new processor.

The integrated graphics is quite good too when compared to a similarly clocked AMD Phenom II X3 710 o/c to ~3.33GHz. It also supports single and dual stream 1080p playback with lower CPU utilization compared to AMD 785G.

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