What to look for at IT SHOW 2010 (11-14 Mar 2010)

We have a IT show every quarter in Singapore. In a few days time, we will have the IT SHow 2010. To be held at Suntec, this event will span 5 floors where most of the telcos, IT vendors will showcase and clear their stocks at rock bottom prices.

In fact, IT show 2010 is also a good time for manufacturers to showcase some new products. Sony for example, will be showcasing its 3D TV that is scheduled to launch in the 3rd quarter of this year. (You can read about our coverage of the SONY 3D BRAVIA LCD TV here). iCell, the local wireless@SG operator would also be selling its own brand e-reader at the show. Do watch out for it.

For students, it is also a good time to bring back a cheap netbook or notebook as most vendors will be selling their latest Atom and Core i3/Core i5 Intel notebooks at the show. The best steal would still be the AMD based notebooks which are generally way cheaper than the INtel counterparts.

On the mobile front, the 3 telcos will be fighting one another for customers to expand their user base. We wouldn’t be surprise if they bundle more goodies for mobile broadband, fixed line broadband, IPTV/Cable TV and voice lines for better deals.

So watch out for more news and price list information in our forum at this link http://forums.ocworkbench.com/forumdisplay.php?f=77