Sn0wbreeze 1.7 to jailbreak iPhone 3GS new bootrom on iOS 4.0 is now available for download. With this release, you can jailbreak iPhone 3GS with new bootrom if it’s on OS 3.1.2 or you’ve SHSH blobs saved for OS 3.1.2. In order to create a custom iOS 4 and go for 4.0 firmware successfully you Must be on OS 3.1.2 + jailbroken.

Sn0wBreeze 1.7 Supports:

  • iPhone 3GS (New & Old BootRom)
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPod Touch 3G
  • iPhone Touch 2G (MC & non-MC)


  • iPhone 3GS with New BootRom users MUST be on firmware 3.1.2 or have SHSH blobs saved for it (needed for downgrade). Otherwise you’re still out of Luck. The exploit used in this hack has been patched in OS 3.1.3 so firmware 3.1.2 is a MUST. [How to Check iPhone 3GS BootRom]
  • If you’re not on 3.1.2 firmware or don’t have saved SHSH blobs for it, you’ll have to wait for the Spiritjailbreak update which is almost ready. I think they are waiting for the next firmware update (iOS 4.1 or iOS 4.01).
  • For iPhone 3GS New BootRom users it’s a Tethered jailbreak. For those who don’t know, a tethered jailbreak device once turned off/Reboot/run out of battery, you need to connect it to computer and execute a tool to boot up the device.

This guide is NOT for regular Windows users. So, proceed with precaution and follow the guide at your own risk. Here are the step by step instructions to jailbreak iPhone 3GS New BootRom to iOS 4 from theofficial source:


Jailbreak iOS 4 on iPhone 3GS New BootRom

This tutorial assumes that you are already on 3.1.2!

What You Will Need

Note: If you have Sleep issue, you will need to restore back to 3.1.2 first.

More details here.