Kingston 16GB microSD SDHC card  is a class 10 card, it promises a minimum of 10MB/s write. You would definitely find performance to be smoother while recording HD Video as there will be minimum wait time. In addition, the Class 10 speed helps photographers optimise their equipment when it comes to shooting in burst mode as the memory card keeps up with sequential capture.

The Kingston SDHC Class 10 card is designed to meet the SD™ Association Specification 3.00 with a guaranteed minimum data transfer rate of 10MB/sec.

With 16GB of SD, I would easily 123 mins of Standard Definition or 107 mins of High definition (720p) on my Canon TX1. Don’t be surprised by the size as Canon TX1 records in MJPEG which is huge.

If a AVCHD codec is used in your camcorder, it should be able to record up to 361mins. The recording time will surely outlast your battery.









6 Mbps HD
9Mbps HD
13 Mbps HD
361 min 240 min. 166 min.

On the next page, we test out the speed of the SDHC running it with Kingston reader FCR-HS219/1 and compare it with a Class 4 card we had to see the performance difference.

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