Kingston HyperX Cloud II Headset Review @ OCWorkbench

HyperX Cloud II Headset puts to the test


IMG_20150325_160523 copy

IMG_20150325_160907 copy

We used the following clips :



In this test, we find that the sound reproduction is impressive. If you do not have a 7.1 speaker system, the virtual surround is pretty good at simulating a 7 channel surround system.

You can also try this clip.

We tried out the BattleField 4 Official 17 Minutes Gameplay clip with and without 7.1 turn on. Seriously, if you have not tried it, you really ought to. There is noticeable difference and it adds a cinematic effect to the game. When 7.1 is switched on, the echo makes the game play more realistic . At 4′ 31″ the firing of gun shots and another scene, at 9′ 15″, the helicopter swirling across the skyline makes a difference in the gaming experience.