First we test the memory benchmark using SiSoft Sandra 2011. As the module supports both XMP profiles running DDR3-2133 or DDR3-2400. We tested both to see the benefits of DDR3-2400 vs DDR3-2133.

• XMP Profile #1: D3-2400 CL11-13-11 @1.65V
• XMP Profile #2: D3-2133 CL11-12-11 @1.65V

From the chart, it can be seen that running at DDR3-2400 does give us an advantage over DDR3-2133. From 39 GB/s it improved by another 2 GB/s to 41GB/s. translating to a 5.13% gain in memory. Will that give us better scores in other benchmarks. Let’s look further.

In Multimedia test which focuses on the processor than the memory, there isn’t a score difference between the two. Likewise, for Arithemetic test, the difference is only within 1 Mpixel/s.

As for media transcoding test, there is a slight improvement but it is just 0.6%.


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