Optimus means ‘best’ in Latin, and that is just what LG are aiming for with their new Optimus series – a line-up of innovative smart devices featuring the latest mobile technology designed to spearhead LG’s ability to simplify consumers’ information-dominated lives.

The Optimus series will feature a full range of devices running a range of operating systems including Android Tablet PCs. These devices will range from entry level, to premium products and will include 10 new products under the Optimus banner being released in the second half of this year.

“The LG Optimus Series is aimed at challenging the notion that one device can meet the needs of many,” said Dr. Skott Ahn, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “At LG, we believe in providing people with many different choices because our customers are not all alike. We want to provide devices that suit all needs and simplify people’s lives.”

The Optimus Series came about after extensive consumer research revealed the way that people gather information, as well as discovering that people rate the ease of finding this information as a priority when selecting a smartphone. This information also looked at what users liked and disliked about current smartphones, with user friendliness and fast response time rating highly on the list.

The first of these smartphones to be released is the LG Optimus GT540, aimed at entry-level users, which runs Android 1.6 and packs a whole host of great social networking tools as well as direct and easy access to Google’s Android Market™. This will be followed by the LG Optimus One with Google™, which will incorporate the speedy Android Platform 2.2 (Froyo).

The LG Optimus One with Google™ offers the latest in Google™ mobile features and connects seamlessly to Google’s Android Market™. The Optimus One has a user-friendly UI and diverse multimedia options to ensure that it is one of the simplest smartphones on the market to use.
Beyond smartphones, LG will be releasing its first tablet device later this year. It will run the Android platform and will offer vastly superior performance in comparison to other devices currently on the market while still managing to be thinner and lighter than competing devices.