At the LG Press Event held at Handy Road, Singapore 2 days ago, we managed to catch a glimpse of the to be released LG Optimus 2X smartphone. Powered by Dual Core Tegra2, it brings the expertise of NVIDIA embedded graphics into a compact phone that works just as good as a notebook or desktop running simple 3D games and applications.

On top of that, Adobe flash sites appears as it is. There is also HD 1080p video recording which takes pretty good videos even at dim lights. With the HDMI output and packaged HDMI cable, you can output the contents directly to a LCD TV; best for presentation use. The phone will go on sale soon probably in time for IT SHOW 2011.

In terms of benchmarks, based on the tests done at the event, it outperforms the nearest competitors. Check out this video review of the device with benchmarks done “LIVE”.