Customers in Singapore can finally enjoy LG’s flagship Optimus LTE smartphone with True HD

SINGAPORE, JUNE 4, 2012 – June 7, 2012, marks the day of LG Electronics (LG)’s Singaporean market launch of the LG Optimus True HD LTE, the first mobile device in the world to ever offer 4G connectivity and True HD IPS display. Developed in close collaboration with sister company LG Display, the Optimus True HD LTE features a striking 4.5–inch “True HD IPS” display which offers advanced resolution, brightness and clarity, and shows colors in their most natural tones, as they were meant to be seen.

In January 2012, LG announced that sales of the Optimus True HD LTE had exceeded over one million units, since its launch in Korea, Japan, and North America in October 2011 onwards, putting the smartphone at the forefront of the emerging LTE era.

“Singapore’s smartphone landscape is constantly developing and smartphone users are hungrier for more bandwidth and content, while still looking out for performance and breathtaking display,” said Mr. Scott Jung, Managing Director of LG Electronics Sin-gapore. “Moreover, Singapore’s 4G LTE mobile networks are taking shape, making the arrival of the LG Optimus True HD LTE in Singapore timely. Based on our global LTE experience, we expect that it will be a leading LTE product choice.”

The Optimus True HD LTE delivers enhanced performance with 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, running on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS platform, which is upgradeable to the Android 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich OS platform. The device also enables content sharing seamlessly through HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) and DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), creating an ideal multimedia environment over a fast LTE network.

The 4.5-inch 1280 x 720 (16:9 ration) True HD IPS display gives users sharp and crisp images with 2.76 million (1280 x 720 x 3 RGB) sub-pixels, showing its clear superiority in colour accuracy, clarity, natural colour and battery efficiency, and providing the ultimate viewing experience for HD content, even under bright sunlight.

With the IPS display’s energy efficiency and 1830mAH battery life, users do not need to worry about heavy multimedia use and web-browsing on the Optimus True HD LTE draining their battery. They can instead expect long-lasting battery life, with the IPS display technology doubling power efficiency as compared to competitors and a considerably more powerful battery as compared to previous LG Optimus smartphones.

According to a 2011 report by Jefferies & Company, LG was listed as the global leader in LTE patents with ownership of 23 percent of approximately 1,400 LTE patents filed worldwide, with a financial value of almost USD 8 billion. LG demonstrated the world’s first LTE technology in 2007 and developed the world’s first LTE modem chipset in 2008. LG introduced the world’s fastest LTE technology in 2010 and conducted the world’s first video phone call on a LTE network in 2011. LG’s first LTE smartphone, RevolutionTM, was launched in the US in early 2011.

The LG Optimus True HD LTE will be available at a recommended retail price of $898, and each purchase will come with an Audio Technica headset worth $168, while stocks last.