LG UX 4.0 which will be featured in the upcoming LG G4, to be launched on 29 April 2015. The UX promises to be human-centric – more intuitive and easier to use, responding better to the needs of each user.

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Check out this video to see LG UX 4.0 in action:


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Press Release


Simpler, More Intuitive and Smarter Mobile Interface Understands Users Better

SINGAPORE, Apr. 7, 2015 — LG Electronics (LG) today announced that its newest

mobile user interface, LG UX 4.0, will be featured on the upcoming LG G4 to be

unveiled at the end of the month. The upgraded user experience promises to be simpler

and more intuitive and will better understand and respond to the needs of each user.

Since Quick Memo and QSlide were first introduced on the Optimus G in 2012, LG has

introduced major UX enhancements every year with each G Series flagship smartphone:

Version Main Features User Benefit

UX 1.0 Quick Memo, QSlide Efficient management

UX 2.0 KnockON, KnockCodeTM Greater convenience

UX 3.0 Gesture Shot, Touch & Shoot Easier and simpler usage

UX 4.0 Camera Manual Mode, Smart Notice Personalized user experience

Up until now, UX enhancements have generally focused on delivering greater

convenience to all users. With the new LG UX 4.0, the focus shifts toward providing

more optimized and intuitive convenience to each individual at every user level for

optimal enjoyment of their LG device.

Simpler and More Intuitive to Use

First of all, LG has created a smoother user experience by simplifying the design of the

user interface and making features simpler to use by eliminating many redundant

configuration steps. For example, Quick Shot is a new feature that allows users to take

pictures quickly by double-tapping the phone’s Rear Key even while the display is off.

And the improved Smart Bulletin automatically aggregates vital information from

multiple apps on the same page for maximum convenience.

A Wider Range of Specialized Choices

UX 4.0 also gives users a wider range of options based on their own preferences and

interests. The new camera offers three user modes — Simple, Basic and Manual — to

meet the needs of all types of photographers, from amateurs to expert shutterbugs.

Simple Mode does all the hard work automatically and still delivers great photos.

Manual Mode features a suite of modules and options for full creative control that

would impress even the most experienced photographer.

The improved calendar also offers more choices by giving users the ability to select and

organize individual events posted in social media accounts by simply dragging and

dropping appointments. The new calendar allows you to get more done with less typing

by simply touching and gesturing.

Smarter UX That Understands You

The improved Smart Notice on LG UX 4.0 promises to provide more personalized

notifications for weather, travel and more by analyzing a user’s daily routine and travel

schedule and combining this information with the user’s lifestyle habits. A user who

enjoys a game of hoops may receive a notification that says, “The weather will be

mostly sunny today. It’s the perfect weather to get out and play basketball.”

Another example of greater customization in LG UX 4.0 can be seen in the Gallery,

which can create event-specific albums based on the location and time each photo was

taken. This intelligent customization goes even further with the Ringtone ID, which

automatically composes a unique ringtone for every caller in the user’s favorite contact

“LG UX 4.0 offers simpler, faster and more intuitive ways to use the G4 with both new

and improved features that intelligently accommodate each individual user,” said Juno

Cho, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “We

will continue to better understand our customers so we can continue delivering

innovations for a better life through our human-centric approach.”

To see the simpler, more intuitive LG UX 4.0 in action and to better understand how

this smarter human-centric mobile interface understands users better, view the video

now at http://youtu.be/Quo5E0xysXU .

By Harry