Libon takes on OTT messaging softwares with free voice calls to land and mobile lines
Bluetooth 12 Apr 2014

With so many messaging over the top softwares available, one is always spoilt for choice. Most of you probably have more than a few apps installed on your mobile. There are plenty of them namely, Kakaotalk, LINE, WhatsApp, WeChat, KiK, BBM, Telegram Messenger, Viber, Skype. Most of them have similar features ranging from free texting and images to stickers. Some allow voice messages or even real time chat or video chats. Although there are plenty available, most of them are cross platform and it requires the other party to be running the same piece of software on their mobile phone.


Libon is probably lesser known to most as I have no contacts using it. Basically, Libon is a mobile service designed to improve the communication we have with the people who matter, via our mobile phone. Libon is an application 3 in 1 which provides free calls, chat and a voicemail that can do everything.

The Libon service is developed by Orange Vallée, the subsidiary in charge of innovation and development of the Orange Group.

Set up in 2008, Orange Valley aims to identify new needs and new technological uses to develop innovative services accessible to all users regardless of their mobile operator or their internet access provider.


So what does Libon do that the rest don’t. Free calls to any land and mobile lines in the world is what is unique about this product. You can now call your family or friends by just keying in the international code and phone number and to the other party it is just like a normal call. It is all via your 3G or Wi-Fi network. This resembles SKYPEout isn’t it. The good news is that Libon is giving away free 60 minutes per month of calls for you to call to any of the 90 supported country network.

Other than that there is Smart chat for sending text, pictures and audio recordings. You can also customise your voicemail. Message transcription allows you to transcribe your voice mails into text.

Libon is not just a Smartphone app. You can now access the web version by logging in at You can send messages, share files and even listen to your voicemails on any PC, tablets, mobile from your web browser.

We have tested the voice calls using app to app and app to voice lines. Both turns out to be better LINE, Kakaotalk and Skype. With the free 30 minutes thrown in, it is time to install and try it out for yourself.

Install now and introduce this great app to your friends.

By Harry