LIVE : Apple to launch Apple Watch at 1pm EST

apple watch live

In another few more hours, Apple will be showing off it’s Apple Watch at 1 PM EST (10 AM PT). What will Apple tell the world about this new watch.
Some questions would be, will there be new features added which was not mentioned previously ? Eager buyers would like to know the price ? What about it’s iOS etc, battery life.

This is what Taiwanese media said

While we are waiting, rumours are already spreading that there are 3 versions with different price tag. There is even a 18K Gold edition.

The 3 models will be priced at
USD 349, USD 500, USD 900 USD  and the 18K at USD 10,000

According to reports, the watch already has apps ready from BMW, FACEBOOK, Email, GPS Maps, Apple Pay. In order for it to be successful, the apps for the iWatch is the hurdle.

There is also talk about the phone having a 5 hours battery life (which I feel it is too short).

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By Harry