M1 Limited and Keppel Land today unveiled a new suite of intelligent solutions powered by M1’s 5G Standalone (SA) connectivity that aims to enhance live, work and play experiences at Marina at Keppel Bay.

A first-of-its kind in Singapore, the hyperconnected Marina at Keppel Bay is set to elevate waterfront lifestyle and yacht experience for vessel owners while improving work processes for berth operations. Harnessing the power of M1’s True 5G network, the fast speed and highly responsive enhanced network will not only improve safety and security, but also further automate and streamline processes to boost productivity and efficiency. Key solutions include:

  • 5G surveillance devices that issue alerts when unauthorised vessels enter a specific location and 5G-powered surveillance robots that can provide on-site monitoring and remote assistance
  • Robots that can automatically collect any garbage tracked in the waters, to maintain and monitor the cleanliness of the marina.
  • Headgears tethered to 5G devices allow maintenance workers to perform their duties in a safe and hands-free manner, further improving operational efficiency and productivity.

This collaboration is part of M1’s wider rollout of 5G SA solutions for enterprises, following the recent consumer market trial of its True 5G SA network. 

5G surveillance device to monitor vessels entering and exiting the marina at real-time

On site surveillance robots monitoring and providing remote assistance
Autonomous robot with 5G camera scanning and collecting garbage in the waters of the marina
Operation staff performing hands free safety checks wearing headgears tethered with 5G devices 

By Harry