M1 Limited (M1) today announced Upsized Data will be extended to customers who take up 12-month mySIM plans, as well as in-contract customers on smartphone and mySIM plans.


Upsized Data was first introduced by M1 to new and re-contracting customers in March 2016 to meet their growing mobile data needs. From today, customers who take up 12-month mySIM plans or have existing contracts are also able to boost their data bundles by up to 12GB at S$5.90 a month.


  1. Subramaniam, Chief Marketing Officer, M1 said, “We constantly look at how we can provide our customers with better value. With this extension, more customers can enjoy Upsized Data to stream videos, music, and share pictures anytime, anywhere, with peace of mind.”


Upsized Data for mySIM plans



Monthly Subscription

mySIM+ 20


mySIM+ 30


mySIM+ 45


mySIM+ 75


mySIM+ 125


Plan Bundle

With 12-month contract

4GB 6GB 8GB 13GB 20GB
Upsized Data at $5.90/month + 2GB + 3GB + 4GB + 6GB + 12GB

A registration charge of S$10.70 is applicable for in-contract customers who take up Upsized Data.

By Harry