M1 Maxx FAQ



What is M1 Maxx Plan?
M1 Maxx is a 4G Postpaid SIM-Only Plan that offers a fuss-free plan that is able to meet all your needs at an affordable price.

I am an existing M1 customer. Can I sign up for M1 Maxx Plan?
Yes, whether you are an existing M1 customer or a non-M1 customer, you can sign up M1 Maxx Plan.

Can I port in to M1 Maxx Plan?
Yes, simply purchase a M1 Maxx Plan and call in to 1800 843 8288, select “2” (daily, 9am-9pm) and then request for port in from our customer service officer and provide the following information:

  • Mobile Number to be Ported in
  • Service Provider
  • Is it a personal or corporate line?

Please ensure that the subscriber for M1 Maxx Plan and the ported in number are the same. Currently we only support port in from non-M1 postpaid plans to M1 Maxx Plan. The entire port-in process will take up to 3 working days and you will receive SMS notification on the status.
How do I sign up M1 Maxx Plan?
Customers will need to be at least 15 years old and proceed to any of the selected M1 Authorised Retailers, together with any of the acceptable ID documents below to sign up:

  • Work Passes
    • Work permit
    • Employment pass
  • ID (Singaporeans Pink and PR Blue)

How do I check my usages, balances, view bill and manage my account?
Simply download M1 Maxx App from Play Store and App Store from 9 August 2021 onwards and login with your mobile number to check your usages, balances, view bill and manage your account.

My M1 Maxx Plan is expiring soon. How do I renew my subscription?
To renew your subscription, please proceed to any of the selected M1 Authorised Retailers.

I need more data/IDD/talktime/SMS. What should I do?
M1 offers affordable Data and IDD add-ons to meet your needs. To subscribe for add-ons, please proceed to any of the  selected M1 Authorised Retailers.

Can I still make a call/use data/send SMS when I have used up all my balances?
M1 Maxx Plan does not support pay-per-use charges. To prevent service disruption, please renew your Maxx Plan subscription before it expires or purchase an add-on.

I have lost my M1 Maxx SIM card. What should I do?
Please subscribe a new M1 Maxx SIM card and your lost SIM will be auto terminated after 90 days. You can also call in to our Customer Service Hotline at 1800 8438288 (select “2”) [daily, 9am-9pm] to suspend the services of your lost Maxx SIM card to prevent any further usages.

My M1 Maxx SIM card is faulty. What should I do?
Please proceed to any of the Authorised Retailers with your faulty SIM and request for a new free blank M1 Maxx SIM. Next, call our Customer Service Hotline at 1800 8438288 (select “2”) [daily, 9am-9pm] and provide the 18-digit ICCID of the new blank M1 Maxx SIM. We will transfer your subscription from your faulty SIM card to the new blank SIM within 1 business day. Once the transfer is successful, you can proceed to enjoy M1 Maxx service on the new M1 Maxx SIM.

Who can I look for when I have queries?
You can call our Customer Service Hotline at 1800 8438288 and select “2” from 9am – 9pm daily.

How do I make an IDD Call?
Simply dial + country code, then area code and follow by the telephone number.

Why is there a SMS deduction from my Local SMS balance when I insert my new M1 Maxx SIM card into my phone?
If you have enabled iMessage / Google verification, a verification SMS will automatically be sent to Apple / Google when you insert a new SIM into your phone and this SMS is deducted from your Local SMS balance.

How do I transfer my Maxx subscription to someone else?
Please proceed to M1 Shop Paragon between 12pm-6pm daily with the following required documents:

Documents Required
Both transferee and transferor are present• Original NRIC or WP / EP
If only transferee can be present• Transferor’s original NRIC or WP / EP
• Transferee’s original NRIC or WP / EP
• Authorization Letter

I have been charged $5 due to no usages for 90 consecutive days. How do I pay outstanding amount and reactivate my Maxx service?
Please proceed to M1 Shop Paragon between 12pm-6pm daily with your M1 Maxx SIM and present the $5 outstanding bill charge SMS. Service will be reactivated after successful payment.

Does M1 Maxx SIM-Only supports 5G?
Yes, we will be offering 5G on M1 Maxx soon. Please check back again for further updates.

List of retailers – https://www.m1.com.sg/-/media/Images/Personal/Mobile/Maxx/Retailers