M1 Prepaid challenges Postpaid plans with 2 new data centric plans.

First, a $25 1 GB/day plan (30 days, 30 GB) with 5000 minutes of local outgoing calls and unlimited incoming calls. You can top $25 for the following month.

Another new plan is $60 for 1 GB/Day (90 GB in 90 days), 5000 mins local outgoing calls for every 30 days, 5000 local SMS every 30 days, unlimited incoming calls and it is valid for 90 days. Top up $58 to enjoy the same benefit after the end of the 3rd month.

In addition to the 2 other plans or new subscribers at $8 and $14 respecively

If you are going for data only, there is a $14 data plan which last you for 180 days, it will have 4 GB for the first 120 days and another 4 GB for the last 30 days.

Another plan is the $8 plan which give you $10 main balance for 90 days with 1.5 GB free data for 30 days.

It sounds good but the bad news is that if you are an existing prepaid sim card user with lots of money in your balance, you can’t use it to purchase the plans. The plans are only available when you top up your SIM card.

The good news is that the data bought can be used in 5 countries/regions. That is to say the 1 GB/day can be shared between Singapore and Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

By Harry