M1 will cease 5G NSA service on 31 Mar 2022. With 5G SA network, the number of devices that will work on 5G is now limited down to the Samsung S21, S22  series, Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G, Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G, Galaxy Tab S8 series, iPhone 13 Series and Oppo Reno 7 series, Oppo Find X3 Pro and Vivo V23. (please refer to M1 website for more on phone compatibility).

Although many devices sold in the market are 5G SA/NSA compatible, it is really dependent on both manufacturer firmware and telco’s end to provision the service to work on the respective handsets.

So, will you be switching to 5G SA or wait for more handset support before making the switch to 5G ?


  • Why is M1 ceasing the NSA network?

    We’re excited to get you onboard your True 5G journey. In order for us to serve you better, we are streamlining our network to give way to True 5G connectivity. With the True 5G connectivity on the 5G standalone(SA) network, speed will be 4x faster than the non-standalone (NSA) network and 10x faster than the 4G network.​


  • What is the difference between 5G NSA and 5G SA?
      • The 5G Non-standalone (NSA) and 5G standalone (SA) are 2 paths which are vastly adopted by network providers around the world, including M1. The 5G Non-standalone (NSA) mode of deploying 5G focuses on enhancing existing mobile broadband to provide higher data-bandwidth and reliable connectivity. ​
      • The 5G standalone (SA) is independent of the 4G network. Standalone 5G will unlock 5G’s capabilities further, enabling not only increased mobile data capacity and bandwidth, but also ultra-responsive, ultra-low-latency services, network slicing for high quality of service and the ability to connect massive number of devices.​​
  • How will this cessation affect me? 
    You will no longer be able to use your current 5G Booster on the 5G Non-standalone (NSA) network. However, we would not like you to miss out on enjoying 5G speed connectivity, so we are encouraging you to subscribe to our the $5 5GO Plus Booster product in order to continue enjoying 5G speed. You will need to exchange your 4G SIM to 5G SIM.


  • How do I upgrade to $5 5GO Plus Booster?
    We will automatically be replacing your 5G NSA Booster to our $5 5Go Plus between 1st April to 6th April 2022 if you are using a 5G SIM. If you do not currently have a 5G SIM, please walk into any one of our M1 Shop before 31st March 2022 to exchange your 4G SIM to 5G SIM in order to be eligible for the replacement. Between 1st April 2022 until the time we activate your new $5 5Go Plus Booster, you will not be able to enjoy any of our 5G services. Please note that if you are on eSIM, Multi-Sim or has a NumberShare service with us, you will not be able to enjoy our $5 5Go Plus Booster. Do also note that the $5 5Go Plus Booster does not come with any additional data bundle.


  • How much does the 5Go Plus cost and what will I get? 
    Our 5Go Plus is only $5 a month. With $5 5Go Plus Booster, you will be unlocking True 5G Standalone access to your current bill plan. This booster does not come with any additional data bundle.


  • When will be the last date to enjoy the NSA network?
    Our NSA network will cease to operate by 31st March 2022 at 23:59hrs.


  • Do I need to do anything by 31st March 2022?
    Before the cessation date, we encourage you to ensure that you are on a 5G SIM. If you are not yet on a 5G SIM, please walk-In to any of our M1 Shops to do a FREE SIM exchange. After 31st March 2022, one of the following may apply to you. You will be informed via SMS when any changes are applied.   

    If you are on Your 5G NSA booster will be It will cost you And you will be
    5G SIM Replaced with our $5 5Go Plus Booster [comes with True 5G standalone access and no additional data] Only $5 / month! Able to remove the $5 5Go Plus Booster at any time by going to your My M1 App, and finding $5 5Go Plus Booster under Account tab – Value Added Services
    4G SIM Removed automatically Nothing Able to go back to M1 Shop at a later date to collect FREE 5G SIM and subscribe to $5 5Go Plus Booster once you’ve upgraded to a 5G SIM
    eSIM / NumberShare / MultiSim Removed automatically Nothing Able to subscribe to any of our existing 4G data bundles should you need more data. However, 5G service is not available for you at this moment.


  • What if I do not want the $5 5GO Plus Booster?
    Our $5 5GO Plus Booster aims to provide you with a faster and more reliable network experience. However, it is a non-mandatory add on and you will be able to unsubscribe the $5 5GO Plus Booster and continue enjoying our 4G connectivity. 


  • I am currently enjoying additional data bundle in my 5G NSA Booster however the $5 5Go Plus Booster has no additional data bundle. What if I want more data in my $5 5GO Plus Booster?
    Currently our the $5 5GO Plus Booster provides your entire bill plan access to True 5G Standalone speed. If you require more data, we recommend that you consider upgrading to a bill plan with higher data bundle.



  • I am on eSIM / NumberShare / Multi-Sim. Why can’t I enjoy the $5 5GO Plus Booster?
    Currently, these services are not enabled with our 5G Standalone network. In future, we will work towards enabling compatibility of our True 5G Standalone network with the eSIM / NumberShare / Multi-Sim services. In the meantime, you may subscribe to any of our existing 4G data bundles should you need more data.


  • I was informed that the last date of service will be 31st March 2022 however you will be removing / replacing my 5G NSA Booster by 6th April 2022. Will I be charged, and will I be able to use the service?
    As it requires time to fully complete our cessation exercise, the termination and/or replacement of your 5G NSA Booster will happen after 31st March 2022. However, we will be sure not to charge you for the 5G NSA Booster as you will no longer be able to enjoy the service. If you are a customer with Bill Cycle 1, you will likely see a charge for our 5G NSA booster in your April bill that comes with an equivalent waiver. Services of the $5 5Go Plus Booster (if any) will begin once the replacement is complete by 6th April. You will be informed via SMS when all changes are applied so keep a lookout.


  • How do I check if I am currently on a 5G SIM?
    To check if you are currently on a 5G SIM, please refer to your current M1 SIM Card. An M1 5G SIM would indicate the code “3-5G” on the SIM Card. If your SIM card does not display this code, then you are not yet on a 5G SIM.

By Harry