MobileOne Ltd changes name to M1 Limited

SINGAPORE, 12 April 2010 – M1 Limited (M1) has announced that the name of the company has been changed from MobileOne Ltd to M1 Limited with effect from 8 April 2010, following approval for the change of name by the company’s shareholders at its Annual General Meeting held on the same day.

M1’s Chief Executive Officer, Ms Karen Kooi, said : “The company has grown over the years and is no longer a pure mobile operator. We have over the past 13 years built M1 into an established and well recognized brand and are better known to our customers and the market as M1. The new name of the company is intended to reflect these developments. It also signals our plans to be a full-service telecommunications company offering both fixed and mobile voice and broadband services.”

“The well-known M1 logo has also been modernized and refreshed while retaining the design integrity of the original. The key change is the incorporation of a full orange circle to signify the evolution of M1 to a full-service company. Secondly, we have brought the ‘M’ and ‘1’ closer to demonstrate that M1 wants to be closer to the customer, listening and understanding. This also signifies our commitment to maintaining the high level of service that M1 is known for.”

M1, Singapore’s most exciting and innovative mobile, broadband and IDD service provider, was launched in April 1997. Since then, it has made significant inroads into the local mobile communications market, gaining considerable brand presence and market share. M1 aims to be the leader in personal voice, business and data communications, focusing on value, quality and customer service. More information on M1 is available at