Ready for your perfect daily phone? London-based tech company Nothing just revealed the name of its latest smartphone: Phone (2a)! This announcement came during their recent Community Update, highlighting 2023’s achievements and the future.

Phone (2a): Your Essential Upgrade: This new device is designed to provide the optimal daily smartphone experience. Built with your core needs in mind, it leverages Nothing’s expertise and craftsmanship to craft a phone you’ll love. Codenamed “Aerodactyl,” it takes the best features from Phone (2) and surpasses Phone (1) in every way.

Unlock the Glyph Experience: Beyond the name reveal, Nothing also announced the Glyph Developer Kit. This tool empowers third-party Android apps to interact with the unique Glyph Interface, a signature feature of Nothing phones.

Stay tuned for more details! This name announcement is just the beginning. Expect exciting updates about Phone (2a) and its capabilities in the future.

By Harry