Using the Oppo Pad Air as a Productivity tool


As the Oppo Pad Air supports WIFI connectivity. It is well suited as a productivity tool when you have WIFI access. It is a pity that a 4G or 5G modem is integrated. That would make it such a portable mobile producitivity device that you can work anywhere where there is 4G coverage

In our case, we bring it out and pair it up with our smartphone (hotspot) to edit, submit news articles on line. Reviews can also be updated remotely just like what we usually do from our desktop. When it comes to video, we used capcut app, and it runs very well under Android.

The WIFI standard supported is up to 802.11ac. We tested it against our fibre broadband of 500 Mbps and we achieve the result of 269 Mbps. Some higher end tablets will support 802.11ax.

This speed should be good enough as you probably don’t need to download so much but the uplink is quite suitable for youtube video uploads.


We used capcut to edit the video captured on the Oppo Pad Air and posted it on youtube using the device.

Capcut running on the Oppo Pad Air