32 MP SONY IMX709 front camera and 50 MP IMX 766 back camera


Exclusively customized by OPPO and built with Sony, the IMX709 sensor brings both significantly improved and
all-new features to the front camera for the first time thanks to some breakthrough innovations:

• The IMX709 RGBW sensor features a revolutionary pixel array design that introduces white pixels not found in traditional RGGB sensors. These new white pixels, which can capture the full spectrum of visible light, are more sensitive to light intensity than other pixels, allowing the sensor to take in more light as a whole.

• When combined with OPPO’s Quadra Binning algorithm, the sensor is able to boost light intake without reducing color information. The algorithm has been embedded directly onto IMX709, greatly improving
cross-platform compatibility and image processing efficiency.

Thanks to these innovations, 60% more light can be captured with the IMX709* — so no matter where or when you want to take portrait photos or videos, you can be safe in the knowledge that they will come out looking brighter. The sensor also delivers much clearer images, with a 35% increase in signal to noise ratio. This allows for brighter nighttime shooting without affecting image detail.

IMX709 with DOL-HDR and Smart Wide-Angle

The industry first use of DOL-HDR on the front camera
DOL-HDR technology is able to sample different frames of the same image at different exposure levels
almost simultaneously and fuse them into one single image with a greater dynamic range. This reduces
the overall exposure period needed and avoids ghosting artifacts caused by movement.
With DOL-HDR on the front camera, selfies captured with Reno7 Pro 5G appear rich in detail, even with
strong backlight.

Smart Wide-Angle
IMX709 can automatically identify the number of people in front of your camera and switch angles
accordingly – when you’re taking a solo selfie, the standard wide-angle will make sure you fill up most
of the frame; when there are more people involved, the camera will switch to a wider angle to fit
everyone in.

With Smart Wide-Angle, Reno7 Pro 5G helps you easily get professional looking selfies in different
situations with just the click of a button.

IMX766: Flagship Sensor for the Main Camera
Co-developed by OPPO and Sony, the IMX766 sensor gives Reno7 Pro 5G users the power to capture
stunning portrait videos in even more scenarios.

The IMX766 is a large 1/1.56-inch sensor, featuring 1μm-sized pixels, which can be doubled in size to
2μm using OPPO’s Quadra Binning algorithm. The large IMX766 can capture even more light,
guaranteeing a better shooting experience in darker environments on Reno7 Pro 5G.
Like IMX709, DOL-HDR technology is also included on the IMX766 for improved shooting in backlight.

All Pixel Omni-Directional PDAF
All Pixel Omni-Directional PDAF is another key piece of technology that enables the IMX766 to
capture sharp images. Phase Detection Auto Focus technology features a 2×2 OCL structure in which
every pixel on the IMX766 can be involved for focusing. This delivers a huge boost in autofocus
accuracy and speed, even in difficult lighting, allowing for higher clarity snapshots even in dark