Video Playback on the PR70HD


10 thoughts on “Palladine Palroid Android tablet PR70HD with HDMI for 1080p playback sighted at Sitex 2010”
  1. Check the below link if you need more information on this device

    Overall, the device is just nice for the price…but android is known for upgrades…you need to support ateast few upgrades ….really looking at them for upgrade to android 2.2

  2. I also bought on the last day of SITEX 2010. I am overall ok with device.

    These all are -ves I am still cannot compromise

    -few times i have charged. But didn’t feel good about the battery. Last for only couple of hours. I need to carry the power card wherver I go.
    -Unexpectedly screen switched off. Couldn’t understand the logic.
    -Unable to connect to 3G. While connected with Starhub mobile USB, the strange sound is coming from the Palroid. I immediately removed off from the Palroid device.

  3. I was skeptical at first coz i have never heard of this brand and after the promoter demo it to me, i decide to give it a try.
    At first i was not use to the resistive screen as i am a iphone user,after a few i get use to it i found it quite ok.
    I really like the HDMI output on the set as i am able to play HD youtube files on my LCD TV which i purchase together with the device. It even allow us to surf the net through Wifi or using a dongle(though not all dongle is compatible as mention by the staff)well consider myself lucky mine can be use.
    For a gadget like this and a price so affordable, i can say i’ve got nothing to complain.I got it on the last day as well @$299 minus the keyboard as they have ran out of stocks, lastly Kudos to this local company for being able to come out with a gadget so affordable and in line with the market.

  4. Hi Rahmat,
    The free keyboard was out of stock and i believe that you have purchase the palroid @ a special price of S$299?

  5. It depends on the price they offer u. Because the last day of show (28/11) they offer 2 prices, one with the keyboard and one without keyboard…(which is $300 that cheaper than normal of $339). So if u paid $339 without keyboard, plz contact them with your receipt) Hope this help u….

  6. I bought this product of yours (palroid HD1080p) from the sitex on 28/11/10 and I’m shock to know that I did not get the free key board pad after reading your information! So is it possible to get one from you?

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