PCCW mobile PioneersHuawei’s 3GPP R8 Smartphone Optimization Solution to Reduce Signaling Traffic by over 25%

HONG KONG, March 22, 2012 – PCCW mobile has adopted Huawei’s pioneering smartphone signaling optimization solution to further enhance its network performance and improve mobile broadband experience to its customers. The 3GPP-Release-8 (3GPP-R8)-based smartphone signaling optimization solution can significantly reduce 3GPP-R8 smartphone signaling traffic by over 25%.

Mobile broadband traffic has increased sharply over the pastfew years due to the increasingly popular use of smartphones. The preponderance of “heartbeat” applications (those that frequently transmit small data packets) and smartphones’ frequent changes from active to idle mode create high signaling traffic, which puts pressure on mobile networks and potentially affects capacity and quality.

An end-to-end solution is required to solve increasing traffic and the signaling storms brought upon by an increasing number of smartphones. A joint effort between Huawei and PCCW mobile during the past few months has delivered a solution that optimizes smartphone signaling behavior.

Live network statistics have shown that the solution reduces by over 25% of redundant signaling load from PCCW mobile’s 3GPP-R8 smartphone signaling process while significantly enhancing network performance and improving mobile broadband connectivity.

Mr. Adam Wong, Head of Engineering, Wireless Business of HKT, said, “We really appreciateHuawei’ssolution. Signaling traffic produced by smartphones brings real pressure to networks. With this smartphone signaling optimization solution, networks can bring customers a much better experience.”

Mr. Ying Weimin, President of Huawei’s GSM&UMTS&LTE wireless networks, said, “It took several months for Huawei and PCCW mobile to finish the testing of our signaling solution on existing networks. The high performance of this solution shows that Huawei is capable of innovation to help customers’ succeed.”

PCCW mobile has fully implemented the 3GPP-R8 smartphone signaling optimization solution on its UMTS network. As the penetration of 3GPP-R8 smartphones is increasing, the solution will help PCCW mobile manage the increasing volume of HSPA+/UMTS data traffic on its network and deliver improved mobile broadband experience to its customers.